About Us
A short Bio of how Swift Autos came to be.

Steven Whitrod decided to start Swift Auto Services back in October 2000. He had taken over a failing business that very kindly put him through his apprenticeship and despite putting his all into trying to salvage the business, it was unfortunately beyond saving and the doors were shut.

Steven has and always will be very passionate about his job and enjoys the self-gratification received for fixing peoples cars and helping them get back on their merry ways to their normal day to day lives.

For Steven it all began back in his childhood, when he was first bought a drive in car at about 5 years of age. The first thing he did was to turn it over and remove the wheels and then promptly put them back on again! As the years went on, it would be clear that Cars and the mechanics of them were his passion.

At the age of 11 Steven liked Motorbikes but his dad removed the HT lead one day so Steven couldn't ride it, didn't take Steven long to work out what was wrong and was merrily on his way over the fields!

When he finished school, he started his college years and with flying colours walked away with his City and Guilds and NVQ qualifications and so the great mechanic of Steven Whitrod was born!

Swift Autos started out working from a garage at the back of his parents house plus a little van, to do mobile work but it was clear that Swift would be a success as the majority of his customers from the previous garage chose to stick with Steven.

Over the years Swift has grown from Strength to Strength, we've helped apprentices get to their goals, we have had a couple of garages but felt we couldn't offer our customers the competitive rate they deserve so in addition we became mobile which means we can offer a fantastic service at a 1/3 of the price of a garage as well as having a garage, which is fully kitted complete with a ramp for the fiddly jobs as well ensuring we can cover all requirements.

Any Make, Any Model

No matter what make or model your car is, Swift Auto Services will carry out any work you may require.

No Matter how large or small the job may be.